oh SHIT.

There might be Ebola in Richmond.

I live less than an hour away from Richmond.



10 thoughts on “oh SHIT.

  1. How do you think I feel in OHIO now?! I didn’t think it would get here this quickly! I’m not all that worried about it though. But if an epidemic did happen, I’ll just carry out my plan of moving to Australia a few years earlier 😆 Oh shit. I need a passport, don’t I? I’d better start working on that. And get the plane tickets. But planes seem to be how it spreads though…

    I’m overthinking this. But…it’d be awesome if all us blog people went. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about each other. *puts 50¢ in envelope* at the rate I’m going, it’ll take 500 years for me to make enough money for this. 😁

    Nah, forget it. If I get ebola I’ll commit suicide. Less painful death. That’s that. (Wow this joke ended on a serious note!)

    1. Yet I still feel a bit safe living on the bottom of Arizona… I don’t feel so bad living on the bottom of the world now.

      *grabs guitar that she has never played*

      *begins singing one of her personal theme songs* Hey, hey, hey, Mr Ceeeeellophaaaane!

      *bottle of not empty sparkling water is thrown at head*

      Syrene: Learn how to play guitar first, Narrator/Author/Artist. Then maybe you’ll be able to sing about living on the bottom of the nation and having not many connections to high places.

      1. *coughseethesketch”differences”onmyblog:she’stheoneontheleftwho’sreadytoknockajester’slightsoutwithonefist*

  2. Ebola is only spread by bodily fluids so as long as you DON’T kiss or swallow someone’s saliva piss or blood then your fine.

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