IDK Why I Wrote This But It Ended Up Being Awesome

–Frank’s First Flight–

Faith stood near the front of the ship, the strong wind blowing her strawberry-blonde hair to the right. She looked down at the blue water, and spotted something. At first it appeared to be a dragonfly, but this far out at sea? Ridiculous. She took a closer look, and with realization, excitedly exclaimed “Flying fish!” Everyone rushed over.

Frank reluctantly walked over to the rail and stood beside Faith. He forced himself to look down into the dark, uncertain water. He had never seen fish before, because he couldn’t swim he often tried to avoid the water. After gathering enough courage to look below him, he saw small, cerulean creatures leaping up out of the water and spreading their long, wing like pectoral fins, some flapping them occasionally. They actually stayed in the air a lot longer than Frank would have guessed; they were almost literally flying!

Lhotse jogged over to the side of the boat, and rudely shoved his way over to the thin rail, accidently bumping into Frank.

Frank felt something bump him from behind, and then he lost his balance, slipping on the deck that was still wet from the morning’s rain. He tried to grab the rail, but he had already slipped under it and off the deck- into the ocean. He was doomed.

Faith let out a horrified gasp as she watched Frank fall helplessly into the blue depths. She couldn’t stop herself- She jumped over the rail, switched to her sea snake form and plummeted into the ocean after Frank. No, she wasn’t going to let him die.

Frank shut his eyes and waited for his watery doom. He felt so dumb for not learning to swim, especially before getting on a boat! Most toddlers knew how to swim! Looking back on everything, he felt so stupid, so helpless, so- Splash!

Faith opened her eyes and saw Frank sinking.  He was trying to grab the water, as if it was an object, but to no avail. She chased after him, her long, striped body darting from side to side as she quickly swam towards Frank. She could sense he was losing energy, so she quickly wrapped herself around his waist and dragged him to the surface.

Everything was going black and water was seeping into his lungs. Wait, what was pulling him up? Suddenly, he felt air around him. Cold, breathable, air. He took in a deep, long anticipated breath- something he never thought he would be able to do again.

Destiny watched from the bow as her boyfriend and best friend drifted quickly out of view. All eyes turned to Lhotse- the clumsy idiot that had accidently shoved his own best friend to his death. “It was an accident, I swear!” He yelped, holding his hands up as if surrendering. Destiny starred with her glowing, purple eyes, slowly filling with hate. She gritted her fangs, and with little warning, tackled Lhotse, screaming every offense that could possibly be said at him.

Faith struggled to keep Frank’s head above the swells- at least he was breathing, that was a good sign. “I’m alive. Wha- why am I alive?” He asked between breaths. Faith stuck her head above the water. “Because of me! I jumped in to save you!” She said, smiling with her fangs.

Frank was shocked. “You- you’re that fairy girl that’s friends with mule, dragon person?” The snake just nodded its head. They turned around to see the boat drifting out of view. “You can fly, right?” Faith asked. “I wish.” Frank said. A swell broke above them and sent them both tumbling underwater, but they bobbed back up, panting. Frank was still uneasy with all this water around him. He whined quietly.

It was getting harder and more tiring to keep Frank afloat. “Um, try flapping a wing.” Faith suggested. With ease, Frank swung his large, powerful wings in a circle, sending a large amount of water into Faith’s face, and pulling them both backwards and almost underwater. “Okay, okay! Stop! Stop! Stop!” Faith yelled. She then spotted a piece of driftwood, and reached out with her long neck to grab it. She clasped it with her fangs, and floated it back over to Frank. He grabbed on without hesitation. She untangled herself from Frank.

The rotting driftwood provided some comfort and floatation, but not as much as Faith had. Frank could tell that she was tired though.

Lhotse struggled out from under Destiny. “IT WAS AN ACCEDENT IT WAS AN ACCEDENT IT WAS AN ACCEDENT!!!” He repeated, running down to the lower deck. Destiny ran furiously after him. Once she was below deck, she grabbed Lhotse by the coler of his black jacket, and pinned him against a wall. “LISTEN UP YOU LITTLE BASTARD. FIRST I AM GOING TO RIP THE FLESH OFF YOUR BODY THEN I’M GOING TO LET YOU SLOWLY BLEED TO DEATH!!!” She screamed. Kiriban tried desperately to pry Destiny off of Lhotse, but she was immovable.

Faith pointed off in the distance. “Look! An island!” She said. Sure enough, a small speck was visible near the horizon. Faith grabbed hold of the driftwood, and began frantically kicking her legs. The wood moved forward, so Frank copied her actions, kicking the water with straight legs.

“YOU KILLED MY BOY FRIEND, AND NOW IF THEY ARE ALIVE, I’M NEVER GONNA FUCKING SEE THEM AGAIN!!” Destiny screamed. Longer noticed that a purple glow could be seen from the back of her throat.” SO NOW I’M GONNA KILL YOU! “She screeched. Longer managed to slip out of her grasp, just in time to avoid being burned by the purple fire that Destiny was now breathing from her mouth.

Frank’s feet touched a sandy bottom. Land. Land , land, land, sweet solid Land. Both Frank and Faith where panting from the vigorous kicking they had done. They reached the shore, and both clapsed. “So, this is how it… ends…. stranded on an… island…?” Frank asked between breaths. “We’re gonna… live…. if you learn… how to fly…” Faith replied, panting.

Lhotse switched to his hyena form. This was turning into a full on fight to the death. Kiriban quickly dashed up to the top deck. Frank was alive, he knew it somehow. So was Faith, and they where going to get back. He could feel the deck vibrate from the battle happening below; the yelling, the scratching, the biting, the barking. It was all starting to get to him.

Frank dragged himself to his feet and shook the water off his tatterd, ugly wings. Not to long ago, Frank had died, but Kiriban revived him as a demon. Now he was stuck with large, ugly bat wings, fangs, claws, and a long, rat-like tail.

Faith looked around the island. It was small, barely big enough to fit a house, and it had a large sand dune in the center. Few palm trees gave little protection from the sun, but besides from that, it was nothing but sand and salty water.

Frank looked at Faith. Her wings were far different from his, they were small in width, but stretched lengthwise the size of her body. To fly, she simply had to flutter them quickly. That wouldn’t give the same results for Frank’s large, tattered, bat wings. Then, an idea struck him

“I͋͊ͥ̃͂ͩM̋ͪ͜ ͦͧ͑Gͤͬ̎ȎͧȊ̽͊͢N͋͗G ͝T̕Ȍ̍ ̄̾́̓ͣ̒̚҉Ēͣ́͋ͯA̔̉̚͘T͆̑̄̿̒͘ ͂̈̚Yͯ̿͒͠O͒U͗ͯ͞ ̡̅ͨ͛́͊F̷͆̾̇ÓR̊̐̒͆̐͡ ͘B̷̐R̎̒ͨ͢Ê̄̌̒̚̚͝AK̒̋̌ͣḞ҉A̐̃ͪ̂́̑͂S͋̈͛͂̀͘Tͯ͢!” Destiny threatened, though Lhotse probably wouldn’t taste too nice. Destiny lunged at Lhotse, who jumped back just in time. Lhotse snapped at Destiny, only to be kicked in the nose. He yelped, then swiped his huge paw at Destiny, knocking her legs out from beneath her. She got onto her all fours, and then pounced onto Lhotse’s hind leg. Lhotse shook her off with little trouble. It was obvious that Lhotse was going to win.

Frank climbed up the dune. It was at least a good 20 feet tall, a good takeoff point. “What are you doing up there?” Faith called from below. Frank ignored the question and took off running. He jumped and flapped his wings as hard and fast as he possibly could. He managed to get himself a few inches off the round before his wings got too tired to carry him. He landed on his knees with an “Oof!” It didn’t phase him much; he ran back around of the top of the dune and repeated what he had done before.

Faith noticed something; Frank was relying purely on his wings to get him into the air. “Hey Frank, can you think of a different strategy?” She called, watching another failed attempt.

Frank got up and nodded. He though back to the flying fish and how they had used thier “wings” simply to catch air. He ran, jumped, and spread his wings- this time leaning forwards instead of staying upright. He glided swiftly forward, much faster then had expected. Much faster, infact, how did he slow down? He lost control and face-planted into the moist sand.

Faith didn’t seem to care that Frank had swallowed a mouthful of sand and instead skipped over with a happy “Good job!”

Kiriban was in his dog-demon form. His eyes where black as night and drool dripped from his scarred muzzle. He had Destiny pinned underneath him, a claw rested slightly above her wing, threatening to rip downward. Destiny brayed fearfully and kicked desperately at Kiriban’s hind legs. This wasn’t Kiriban though, it was an evil, bloody, killing machine.

Lhotse hid in a corner, in his human form of course. I sort of felt bad for starting the fight, which had then taken a toll on Kiriban. He knew Kiriban didn’t mean to be this way, but he was half demon, and sometimes became “evil”.

“Kill.” Kiriban said through gritted fangs. “No, please!” Destiny pleaded. It was no use though, this creature showed no mercy. Destiny suddenly saw Lhotse grab Kiriban by the hind leg and yank him backwards, a risky move that freed Destiny.

Wholey fucking fuck did I get carried away with this.

Frank, Lhotse, and Kiriban are all SimplyIdyllic’s

Destiny and Faith are my awesome Dejidee OC’s B)


19 thoughts on “IDK Why I Wrote This But It Ended Up Being Awesome

  1. This is the birthweek of my best friend, who passed away on May 26th. It’s hard not to dwell on. It’s been such a lonely empty 5 months. We didn’t even get to turn 13 together. Or graduate high school… Or be college room mates. I almost broke down and started bawling while reading this. It can be hard to keep on keepin’ on. 😭😥😰😰😥😭😭😭😭

      1. I could use one, and a million more. Why, why a brain tumor… Why could they have not detected it before it was too late??!! And why him?!
        “Sometimes the greater plan, is to much to understand, cause right now it makes no since” ~Luke Bryan
        When I heard the news, all I could do was pray… Pray that there was A big misunderstanding… That he was just taking a long nap… That the next morning at school he would be sitting at his desk smiling. When I got there in the morning, and everybody was settled in, it wasn’t him that was there. It was a counceler. My hometown teacher was crying. And the counselor teary. She began to explain the whole thing. I tried to be tough… But I cracked like an egg and cried. She said that he had agreed to donate his organs to children who needed them before he died. He saved 7 lives. I wish I could meet them, and tell them how grateful they should be for the boy who saved their lives. His funeral was two days later. I missed half a day of school for it. I had a domino, he used to love to play with it and steal it from me playfully. He loved the colors of it. I could always tell he wanted the domino when ever I had it. At his funeral, I walked up to his casket, and as his last gift, placed the domino in his casket. He was a Christian boy, and was also saved, so I will see him again, many decades from now. We will meet at the golden gates of heaven and I laugh about good times. Like we did in his living years. Grief from loss is the most terrible feeling ever. It feels like some body punches your stomach (you know that feeling when you get the wind knocked out of you). Then they but your heart in a toilet plunger and it just squeezes 😰😭

  2. Dang. That’s deep.

    Also, I finished coloring the sketch “Differences”. Whomever wants to see the sketch, say “I”, “me”, or “yes”

      1. Post in general.

        However, I feel the sadness of hvaing someone close to you die so suddenly, Many of the relatives that were more like best friends just end up dropping dead. Sometimes, I like to picture all of the relatives, friends, and pets just waiting for you to come and join them up in the clouds.

        I had a best friend once. Her name is Samantha Moreno. We used to spend every day together, drawing pictures of lions and Egypt and writing stories about sailor girls/fisher girls/merchants who have to carry on their grandfather’s name by sailing a ship, fighting crime, and defending the innocent. One day, her dad got a job in being a Border Patrol and had to move to Texas. They moved away, and a school year went by. We got a call saying that Samantha would be coming for the summer. I waited for her car on the steps on her grandmother’s house. However, the girl that got out of the car was NOT my best friend: it was a worldly-twisted, fame-obsessed, snotty girl that was not my best friend.

        Time went by, and she went back to Texas. I cried. The person that I loved like the sibling I never had had been corrupted. Mutilated. Murdered.

        I still had yet to find a friend who would be like me. One fateful day… I found Kaalus’ blog. Then, I found Maggie’s blog. Nervous as to what the heck would happen next, I made the persona (lol it corrected to “peesona”) of Rosslyn, and BAM! Everyone accepts my crazy-cuckoo ideas for genius, and my confidence begins to build. Finally, after a day or two of learning more about blogging, I make a WordPress account and a blog, and the adventure begins.

        Maggie, Ashlyn, and Spottedcloud all accept me as one of their own kin, and we all begin to talk. You guys are all like family to me. And if you were not always talking to me…heck. I would truly not be here right now.

      2. Hey, remember how you identified my book heroine? Well, I put up a colored picture (you know what picture I’m talking about) with a bit of a description of how the scenario happens.

  3. Okay, might as well spill this now, since everyone’s already crying. As most of you know, I am a big sister with two younger siblings (one evil stepsister, one little half brother). The truth is, there used to be more. Used to be. When I was about 7 or 8, my mom told me she was pregnant. For about 6 months we waited anxiously. The room was ready, we where ready, everything was perfectly set in place. Then, tragedy. One day I woke up and Grammy was at our house. That’s not normal. I didn’t see mom that morning, and I asked but Grammy never explained. When I got home from school that day, mom was on the couch crying. She couldent even talk, Tony had to tell me. Toby (yes, his name was Toby) had died in mom’s tummy. A year or so later they tried again. Same thing happend, but sooner. We didn’t even know the gender. The doctor told mom she couldent try to have any more children. I don’t think she wanted to anyway. But I still wonder… What would he have looked like? Would he have been kind, gentle? Would he listen to my sisterly advice? Would he enjoy being around me? Would I have been a good sister? Would he have been a good brother?

    1. Wow…I can’t comprehend that kind of sadness…but while we’re telling each other our life stories, I’ve asked similar questions as you.
      I’m adopted. My parents were always open about that. I was told and I always thought I was an only child. That my real parents, out of love, had given me away to a place that was better for me.

      Then a few years ago they magically appeared. Surprise! I had 2 biological siblings. My parents LIED TO ME MY WHOLE FREAKING LIFE. It wasn’t the broken trust that sparked my interest. It was that my siblings were OLDER than me. Perhaps they wanted to protect me. To hide the truth that I wasn’t supposed to live and that I was rejected by my own family. To keep me from thinking less of myself. I dunno.

      But as I was caught up in the stages of grief, of the pure hatred and anger and depression, precious time went by. Time I could have spent building a long overdue relationship with them. And then, as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared. I know of a possible location. But will I ever see them again? No. I always wondered what it would have been like to have siblings. Would we get along? Would I be a good sister? I’ll never know.

      All I know is that a part of me is missing. And that quiet, emotionless girl that sits in English class tears up and loses composure when we read about adopted siblings that get reunited.

      Add that to the crappy life I’m having now and you’ve got the everyday life of Maggie Blue. I am a bomb waiting to explode. The emotional and physical pain keeps piling up more and more. And I’m afraid of the person (or lack of one) I’ll become if the bomb explodes.

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