Incase u don’t celebrate Christmas. ^^^

Anyway, we’ve got Graystripe standing around with a dead friend WAY TOO early in his life,
We’ve got Rosslyn with that girl that almost killed her.
I’m just sitting here talkin bout my two dead sibblings
Maggie has the whole family issue (which confused me at first but then I understood)
And idk the full story about dm, but I asked him about his mom once and he said he “didn’t want to talk about it.” So I’m just gonna leave it there and not touch it.



      1. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… Except for eating McDonald’s for a month, eating McDonald’s for a month will freaking kill you

      2. Here’s what I think the stereo typical northern people are

        Stereotype1: drives a Prius, votes for Obama, wants to ban guns, is a PETA activist

        Stereotype2: drinks a lot of beer, where’s a furry hat and plaid flannel shirt and cuts down trees. Says “eh” a lot. Watches nothing but the packers. Hangs out at the bar and talks about ice fishing.

  1. I swear I just had to hold my breath so I wouldn’t laugh infront of my mom (whenever I look at my phone and laugh my mom thinks I am looking at something I’m not supposed to be looking at) . My stereotypical southerner: shoots anything that moves, drinks a lot of beer, loves his truck more than his girlfriend, still thinks the civil war is going on (flying the rebel flag) owns at least 10 guns. Puts at least half a can in whenever he chews tobacco,

    1. (Same thing here wit my mom) Stereotype 3: has shaggy blonde hair, carries a surfboard everywhere, owns a mini van, is always like “gnarly, dude.” , always surfing, and lives on a beach.

  2. Well, I figured out yesterday that I am not the only 13-year-old in high school who is writing a book, draws and blogs. (APPARENTLY EVERYBODY ELSE DOES WHAT I DO.) They probably don’t know such awesome people that I do, though.

    *grabs microphone* 🎤 That’s where I fit in!

      1. Ah, well. At least I have school clubs (Art Club for the state homeschool, Sketch/Graphic Design club for the nationwide school, and Writing for the nationwide school).

        What’s it like living in VA? (I live on the bottom of AZ on the USA-Mexico border, so I am very curious as to how other states live.)

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