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Lets not ask what's going on here.
Lets not ask what’s going on here.

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Lets Try This Agian…

Add’s eyes shot open, though he didn’t know why they where closed in the first place. He looked around, greeted by nothing but darkness.

He wasn’t supposed to be here, this was not Elsword.

He called on his Dynamo’s, but weren’t there. He tried to use magic; gone. His glowing, purple eyes darted frantically around, searching for something reassuring, but to no avail.

His mind began to slip into a dark pit of panic, losing grip of what little sanity he had, if he had any left. He had lost most of it, if not, then all of it, after

The Incident.

His mind began to spiral downward, into pure madness, at the remembrance of the wretched memories. He curled into a tight ball, hugging his knees, and twitching, laughing occasionally. His breathing quickened, and his iris shrunk as a sporadic laugh escaped him. A tear slid down his cheek, but he continued laughing madly as the pain of the memory stabbed at his mind.

Add didnt realize that the darkness around him was creeping up on him, overtaking him. By the time he did, his eyes were shut.


Faith woke up to the chirping of birds. She got out of bed and got ready. Today was a normal weekend, a nice day to sit home and do absolutely noth- Thunk!

Faith heard a sound from outside. She slipped her shoes on, and walked round to the backdoor. She went outside and walked the back of the house, then suddenly stopped. Right in front of her, was a boy lying in the grass! “Oh my gosh, is he DEAD?!” Faith exclaimed in her head. She was reassured as she saw the gentle rise and fall of the boy’s chest. His breathing was sharp and uneven.

Add rolled over and opened his eyes. Looking down on him was a girl, about 13, with red-orange hair, freckles, and dark brown, worried eyes. He shot up on shock, and Faith jumped back. “Where am I and what did you do to me?!” Add shouted. “I-I just found you here, I didn’t do anythi- Where am I and why can’t I use magic!?” Add interrupted. “I don’t know!” Faith yelled.

Faith had an idea. For as long as she could remember, she had been able to look into someone’s eyes and read their memories.

Faith looked into Add’s insane eyes, and began a quick memory search. But the search went on for longer than she intended, this boy had been through too much: Unfathomable pain, death of loved ones, heart stopping fear,

Years of loneliness.

When Faith couldn’t take anymore, she immediately pulled Add into a hug. Shocked, he tensed up. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” Faith continued, a tear beginning to roll down her cheek as she pulled herself tighter into Add’s chest. His mind soon filled with thoughts.

Add didn’t understand why this girl was apologizing. Had she done something? Had he done something? Had she seen something? He shook the thought from his head. How could this girl be looking into his past? It did seem likely, anyone would feel sorry for him if they knew what had happened to him.

Add began to relax into Faith’s hug, eventually letting his head rest on Faith’s shoulder, and his arms wrap around her waist. He hadn’t felt anything like this in a long time.

“I’ll never let anything that horrible happen to you again.” Faith whispered.

“You saw?” Add asked. Faith looked up, sniffled, and nodded. Add whipped a tear off her check, not sure if he was being weird. “I’m sorry.” He said. For a few moments they kept looking into each other’s eyes, as if they could read what the other person was thinking, but then Faith pulled away. “But, how did you get here?” Faith asked. Add just shrugged.

Faith grabbed Add’s hand and led him towards the back door. Her mom had gone out for her morning yoga, and she left Faith at home. It was okay, since Faith was 13. “Are you hungry?” Faith asked. Add nodded.

Faith led Add inside the house, and sat him down at the dinner table. She didn’t know how to cook so she heated up some pasta from last night. When it was ready, she brought it over to the table, and gave Add a fork.

Add looked at the strange food that was in front of him, and picked up the weird metallic object that Faith had handed him. He used the metal thing to pick up the food and looked at it more closely. “It looks like your hair.” He said, referring to Faith’s reddish-orange hair.

Faith giggled. “What does it do?” Add asked. “You’re supposed to eat it.” She said. “And then?” Add continued to question. “You… don’t need to eat for another 4 hours? Unless you get hungry, that’s called a snack.”

Add lowered the fork to his mouth, and tentatively slurped up one of the noodles. Before Faith could ask if he liked it, Add began devouring the pasta, and then licked the plate clean.

“Either you were really hungry, or I’m a really good chef.”  Faith said, surprised. “They should have that back in Elsword!” Add exclaimed. “Are you still hungry?” Faith asked. “Yea, its been a few days since I’ve last eaten.” He replied. A few days? No wonder he had been so hungry, how could anyone stand going a ‘few days’ without eating? Faith turned around. “Well I’ve got something for you!” She said, disappearing into another room.

Her mom’s birthday had been just a few days ago, and some of her birthday cake was still left. She opened the fridge, and picked up the plate with cake on it. She walked back into the dining room and set the plate down in front of Add.

“Cake!” Add exclaimed. He didn’t even bother picking up the strange metal thing he had used to eat the string-food, he just ate with his hands.

Faith watched again as Add devoured the cake. ”Careful on the cake, you don’t want to get sick.” she warned.

Opps I Wrote A Thing Agian

Frank was lying on the bed, sleeping. He had one of his wings resting under him, and the other hanging lazily off the bed. He snored softly, and the tip of his tail twitched occasionally.

It was 1:20 am. Faith didn’t even know why she was awake, let alone why she was watching Frank sleep. She just had… a feeling. And when Faith had a feeling, it meant something. She stood in the doorway, and continued to watch him for a few minutes, her mind beginning to slowly drift into thought. But she was shocked back to reality when a picture, a startling image, shot into her mind without warning, but then left almost as quickly as it had came.

She tried to remember it, but it was almost as if it wasn’t one of her memories. Then, it struck her that the room she was standing in and the image both had something in common-
She still couldn’t remember what the image was of, but she remembered Frank being in it. Another image interrupted her thought. It lasted longer this time, and Faith though that she had herd Frank’s voice, but she still couldn’t remember what the image had shown. She turned back to Frank, and saw him flinch.

Was he doing this? Faith shook the idea from her head. If he was sending her these images, it was most likely an accident, he probably wasn’t even aware it was happening, he was dreaming after all! Frank probably didn’t even have the power to- Faith’ s thoughts abruptly halted, and she tensed up as another image intruded her mind. It was more than an image this time, it felt too real.

Frank was trapped inside a small glass container, which was slowly filling with a strange, green liquid. “Help me!!” He screamed, banging his fists helplessly on the thick glass. “Destiny! Help me!!!” He yelled, pounding on the glass agian. But he was barely audible from outside the now half-filled tank. And that’s how they wanted it to be. No one was allowed to escape.

The vision left Faith almost painfully. She let out a small gasp of shock, and stumbled back a few steps. She peaked into the room agian. Frank was mumbling something, his eyebrows tilted, fearfully. Faith quietly snuck out of the room. She turned, only to be stopped by Destiny, her purple eyes staring into Faith telling her ‘I saw. It was him.’

Destiny had woken up right after Frank had called for her. But what was happening in the dream was not what had scared her, it was where it had taken place. All dejidees had the cursed memories of the factory in which they had been created, a painfully process of being cut and injected. The experience was so dramatic, no creature could ever possibly forget it. And yet, that’s where Frank’s dream had taken place. How did he even know about the factory!? All the details where too precise.

Faith backed away from the door, and let Destiny step in. She didn’t have the feeling anymore, so she decided to go back to bed.

Destiny could still see what Frank was dreaming, but it was more of a vague, ghostly image. She slowly enterd the room and approached him. He mumbled. But he wasn’t really mumbling, he was screaming. In his dream he was screaming in agony as he watched his skin being peeled from his right arm, blood oozing from the large wound. He tried to focus on just his smallest injury, but he couldent take his attention off the person behind him, sawing off his left wing, or the long needle forcing an opaque purple liquid into his left shoulder.

Destiny couldn’t take it anymore. She quickly walked over to the side of the bed and shook Frank by the shoulders. “Frank, wake up! Frank!” She whisperd.

Frank’s eyes shot open, he was afraid that he would wake up agian, and be forced to watch them tear him apart once more. But no, thankfully, he was greeted by Destiny’ s glowing, purple eyes. He relaxed, and the fear fadded from his eyes as he closed them, and tried to go back to sleep.

“Frank, did you remember? How did you know about the factory!?” Destiny said, shaking him agian. Frank’s memories of the dream quickly faded. “What factory? Just let me sleep.” He said, sleepily shoving Destiny off of him. Destiny let go of him with a sigh of relief. It was beyond relief. No one deserved those memories. Not her, not Frank, not anyone

It was more rushed than I intended it to be at this one part. I think I’ll make a small bit of a “follow up” story to this maybe, but it’ll be short.
Frank Kepler belongs to FranklyIconic opps I mean SimplyIdyllic
Faith, Destiny, and the dejidee species [im going to murder autocorrect] belong to me.

Island Of The Black Fox [Chapter 1]

Kito sat on his knees is the cold, metal boat, holding up a small lantern in attempt to see through the thick fog. But there was nothing but murky water and a grayness ahead of him, as far as he could see. He set the lantern down, and began to paddle. Hopefully, any other boats on the water would see the light of the lantern, but it was unlikely that anyone was out here this early, it was barely dawn. Kito liked to come out to the lake on days when he was not in school, he found it relaxing.

Kito saw something drifting slowly into view, something he hadn’t seen before; an island. Out of the many times Kito had been out on the lake, he had never ever remembered seeing an island. The island was covered mainly by pine forest, and had a small sandy shore. As he approached the island, he noticed something even stranger: a girl standing on the shore, her green eyes seeming to settle directly on him and the boat. Kito noticed something even stranger about the girl: a tail, a fox tail. A black fox tail to match her long, straight, black hair and green eyes. He continued rowing towards the island, and the girl did not move.

When the boat reached the shore, Kito got out and pulled it up onto land. He was tall for is age, 15. With short, black hair, and ice blue eyes, he looked alot like the typical japanese teenager. He looked back at the girl, but only saw her tail disappear into the forest.

“Wait!” He called, grabbing the lantern. He raced after her. She had stopped in front of an opening in the dense forest, between two hedges.

My name is You.” Kito heard the voice in his head, but assumed the girl had said it.

“Are you saying you’re just a part of my imagination?” He asked.

No, I am real. I must show you something. Follow.” The voice spoke again. The girl- You, dashed off though the opening, and behind the left hedge. Kito struggled to keep up, You was much faster and swifter than he was. He barely made it through, following You by her disappearing tail. He continued running, his heart racing and his lungs burning with the quickness of his breath.  His arms got tired of holding the lantern, and he didn’t really need it, now that the gray dawn was fading into a brighter pink. He threw it down into a hedge and kept running. Something clicked in his head, and Kito realized that he was making many quick turns in succession, and that  the whole time he was surrounded by the same, hedge wall. It struck him that Kito was chasing You blindly through a maze.

Left turn, right turn, another right turn, keep running forward, right turn.” Kito repeated  the directions in his head.  Kito slowed as they approached the center of the maze, You halted once again, as still as Kito had seen her on the shore. He realized that You didn’t just have one black fox tail, but two. And she had black, fox like ears, sprouting out of the top of her head!

In front of them was a steep tunnel, descending into darkness.

“Oh no, please don’t go running through there!” Kito begged.

I will slow my pace, but you still must follow.” You spoke. Kito opened his mouth to speak, but You had already dashed into the tunnels. Kito had to follow You, or he would be trapped in the maze. He walked quickly down the dark path, listening for You’s footsteps echoing around the tunnel.

“What are you trying to show me anyway?” Kito asked, a small hint of anger growing in his voice. He could no longer see where he was going, it was too far underground for any light to reach, and he had to rely on the sound of You’s echoing footsteps. Suddenly, his foot slipped, and he fell. But just in time, he grabbed on to where he had slipped.

“You! You, help me!” Kito yelled. His voice echoed below.

“Let go.”  He heard You say.

“Are you crazy? I’ll break my legs!” He shouted back. Suddenly, Kito’s hands slipped, and he began falling, down, down, down, into the darkness below. Then- Splash!  Kito’s plummet was abruptly ended as he splashed into an underground pool. He saw You standing at the waters edge, and swam towards her.

We’re almost there.” You said. Kito climbed out of the pool, and shook the water out of his hair, like a dog. It was cold and damp in the tunnels. You began trotting off again, her two black tails swishing behind her. Kito began to notice that it was getting brighter in the tunnels, as they turned a corner he realized that there was a light coming from the end of the tunnel. Kito raced ahead of You, anxious for the warm sunlight, however, he forced himself to wait for You at the end of the tunnel.  When You had  caught up to him, he walked out of the tunnel, and into the warm bright sunlight.

It took a moment for his eye’s to adjust to the late morning sun, but when Kito could see clearly, he gasped in awe. he was in the middle of a small hollow, with soft, green grass underfoot, and few clouds above. It was beautiful, but that was not what shocked him. Around him, stood hundreds of foxes, lining the hollow, unique in color and size, but sharing one, strange, similar feature: Not a single fox had just one tail.