Death Note

I love this.
Im on ep 20


15 thoughts on “Death Note

      1. WHAT THE ***************?! WHY?! *bangs head into pillow* it now makes so much sense as to why he has so many fans…COMPANIES LOVE KILLING OFF THE CHARACTERS THAT FLIP THE PARADIGM AND MAKE IT NOT AN EVERYDAY GAME/SHOW!! Ugh…these guys must be related to Nintendo. Or have taken ideas from Nintendo.

        ’cause they acting like a bunch of ************.

      2. Wow. sorry did I spoil something? Also, if you think that’s bad, imagine having a great character, then murdering it from the inside out and having it turn into some one total differnt. I don’t even know why I still follow SimplyIdyllic. If you look back, anytime before Frank was tuned into a demon, he was actually a caring, polite, nice, cue, dorky, and pretty much all together sweet little boy. BUT THEN HE KILLED KIRIBN AND KIRIB DECIDED TO CURSE HIM FOR 4 YEARS AND FRANK WAS TURNED INTO A DEMON. Simple has hinted that Frank’s grumpiness is a side affect of the curse, AND I AM SOOOOO HOPPING IT IS BECUSE I WANT OLD FRANK BACK.

      3. She did it to Hisaki/UB too. she killed his flipping ahoge. she got rid of his motherfuking ahoge. THAT WAS HIS THING. THAT WAS WHY WE NICKNAMED HIM UNICORN BOOOYYYYYY AND SHE JUST FUCKING *********************. SOMEDAY’S I JUST WNNA SCREECH: “DAMN YOU SIMPLYIDYLLIC!!!!” CUSE SHE MURDERS ALL MY HUSBANDS FROM THE INSDE OUT!!!!!!!!!!

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