I’m Sorry, Wall ;-;

Okay. So:

1) My friend was in D.C., and she only brought her phone, and she left her charger at home and the phone ran out of batteries so she couldn’t get on the internet.

2) Add is a relatively new character in the game, so where still figuring out a bit about him.

3) I’ve brought it up from a Map Draft to a Rough Draft.

4) Faith (the girl) now has access to the Google doc, so she can help me out with whatever I need

5) I also have a few other people helping me write :3

So yep everything’s going good! We still have a small gap, but it’ll be fixed in a couple of sentences.


14 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, Wall ;-;

      1. This is one of the most common errors of anything. You don’t “get saved from Frank”. Frank is not a bad thing! The sooner you accept Frank as a part of your life, the happier you’ll be. 🙂

    1. I SHALL DO THIS ON EVERY ASSIGNMENT NOW!!! The problem is, my lab teacher is a programmer. She could figure out that I deleted a chunk of code…and plus, we’re starting to use stupid Google Docs instead now. And it automatically saves changes and is shared with the teacher automatically :-/ No more size 13 font instead of 12 to lengthen my papers. It can now be opened up in docs and the font size is displayed. GOOGLE, YOU RUIN EVERYTHING!

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