[I Don’t Know What To Title This…]

Welp, I decided to try something fun today- wright using my other hand! I am right handed, and always have been, however most of my friend are left handed. Just for fun [BECAUSE SCIENCE IS BOOOOOORRRRRRIIIINNNNNNNGGG] I decided to take my science notes using my left hand. It was actually… fun! I for some reason found it entertaining to challenge myself simply by switching the hand I hold my pencil in

The weird thing is, I think my left hand is actually neater than my right hand! Another weird thing (something that even a naturally-left-handed person would find weird) that I did: Instead of having the pencil rest on my middle finger, I rested it on my ring finger.

There was a reason for it though

You see, me being the derpy-derp I am, I still cant remember my left from my right,
except I can

Well, if you ask me to use my right hand, or move to the right, or jump to the left, or whatever, you may notice that I’ll rub my thumbs against my middle fingers, and then do the action.
Because im naturally right handed, and so there’s a little bump on my middle finger on my right hand from here my pencil rests.
Now, if I had two bumps on the same finger, I wouldn’t be able to (quickly) figure out my left from my right.

Solution? Don’t let the pencil ret on your middle finger!
And its actually sort of easier that way! 🙂


20 thoughts on “[I Don’t Know What To Title This…]

    1. No? He’s a human but he got possessed by an inkling (ill explain those later) and then the inkling made him kill his best friend [Kiriban aka my husband]. His best friend just happened to be part hanyou (a hanyou is half demon, so he’s like, one fourth demon) and so he went to hell, and he was not vary happy about that, no no no. He went back to Frank, and cursed him for four years so now Frank is a demon for 4 years.

  1. That’s funny I was just thinking about this today. I don’t think I have a dominant hand, or side, for that matter. When I first started writing when I was little, I could write the same with my left and my right. So I was told I had to choose. All my friends were right handed and I didn’t want to be different, so I chose my right. But to this day I can dribble a basketball, throw things, and lift things better with my left than my right. My handwriting is legible with my left, sometimes more legible than my right 🙂 but you can tell it’s not how I’m used to writing.

    Gosh this is going to be a long comment!

    Anyways, freshman year I was shoved in the hallway and hit my hand on the sharp metal edge of a locker handle (as well as hit my head on the stairs in front of them) and I couldn’t move my hand at all. So I took notes in math with my left hand…it literally looked like it was in Russian. And it took me so long to write stuff since I had to try harder, so some of the sentences were cut off in mid sentence. It was funny. Yeah. This comment is huge. I’ll shut up now.

      1. *attempts to respond in Russian, but Google Translate is being stupid* Maybe it does. Also I bought CivRev2 on my phone, and I seem to always win while playing as the Russians…strange pattern here…

      2. Maybe your nonconisosly a Russian spy and every time you sleep your actually sending dream messages to Russia and telling them what you’ve found out about the U.S.’s plans. Sadly, you don’t know much about the U.S.’s plans because you are a high schooler that has no interest in politics whatsoever… or so you think 0-o

      3. JUST THINK! It’s the ultimate evil. Even if the government did suspect you, you’d never even be ABLE to confess because you’d have no idea you where guilty!!!!!

      4. Lol! Actually I’ve joked about being a Russian spy, because people wonder why I’m so secretive. I have nothing to hide, I just don’t like telling people all I do is compose music, run a blog, and build stuff in a blocky game when I’m not busy.

        And actually I had an interest in politics for a good portion of my life. From 3rd grade to about 7th grade I saw myself being the future governor of Ohio, perhaps even a senator. And for a very short time I even dreamed of being president. I loved the thought of speaking to the public, fixing the country’s problems, making the world a better place, and being a great leader to the people and being an honest person they can trust. It’s much easier said than done. When I found my interest in composing I decided a politician wasn’t the job for me. But part of me still wants to be a part of Congress. I think I’d be good at the job. But I’m not exactly heading in the right direction in terms of schooling. So I don’t think it’s possible.

  2. I think you just gave non-ambidextrous people a way to be ambidextrous. Ambidextrous means that you can do the same things with both hands. That means being able to write/draw with both hands…man, that sounds awesome.

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