13 thoughts on “I’m Warning Myself

  1. I hate when that happens. Actually I felt like that this morning. I suggest a smoothie. It worked for me. Smoothies make everything better 🙂

    Steer clear of my latest post though. It’s quite a depressing one. Oh, that’s another thing that helps. Getting it all out and writing about it. It’s helping me now. But right now I’m just trying to distract myself so that I don’t think about the terrible thing that happened.

      1. That sucks. I was in a parade once. It wasn’t fun though. It was a Christmas parade. And it was cold. And I was cold. And sick. And I had to hand out candy to the kids along the road who were watching. Meanwhile trying to hold back my coughing and sneezing and trying to catch up to the float I was supposed to be beside, but not wanting to leave out any kids…fun.

      2. hehehe…what was it supposed to be for?

        …I need to occupy myself with something or else I’ll be an emotional wreck right now…I need another smoothie. Let’s go and be in the parade and wave to people while drinking our smoothies X-D

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