This One Made Me Laugh The Hardest

Simple never fails to amaze me with her backstories. The Blackwells are no exception.

Lhotse:  Lhotse got hit by a car and died when he was four while his brothers were watching him, and in a panic the two made a deal with a demon to revive him in exchange for Lhotse’s lifespan being cut to just his mid-forties. In addition, Lhotse’s curse held a disease-like side effect that causes him to get seizures and suffer from short-term memory loss. So he has to take medication to keep it under control, and that also inspired Elias to go on to become a doctor to try to find a ‘cure’ for his curse. He also smokes, has a piercing on his left ear, and owns a tattoo parlor. [Yep Lhotse, cause smoking is totally gonna help u live longer T-T ]

Elias: Due to his and Elbrus’s lack of attention, they actually managed to get Lhotse killed when he was little, and wound up making a deal with a demon in order to bring him back. That led to Lhotse having medical issues, which inspired Elias to get into his profession in the first place. While he works hard at his job, he’s also constantly got his eyes open for finding a ‘cure’ to Lhotse’s issues. BUT I’ll probably kill Lhotse off before he succeeds.

[This one is the best]
Elbrus: Like Elbrus, he contributed to operation ruin-Lhotse’s-life and the two sold their baby brother’s soul in exchange for about 40 measely years. Elbrus actually treats Lhotse more like a brother (in comparison to Elias, who was more of a father figure in growing up), and he has a star tattoo on his collarbone. He also occasionally smokes. You can see how he influenced (the already sickly) Lhotse, much to Elias’s annoyance.

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