Lets Try This Agian…

Add’s eyes shot open, though he didn’t know why they where closed in the first place. He looked around, greeted by nothing but darkness.

He wasn’t supposed to be here, this was not Elsword.

He called on his Dynamo’s, but weren’t there. He tried to use magic; gone. His glowing, purple eyes darted frantically around, searching for something reassuring, but to no avail.

His mind began to slip into a dark pit of panic, losing grip of what little sanity he had, if he had any left. He had lost most of it, if not, then all of it, after

The Incident.

His mind began to spiral downward, into pure madness, at the remembrance of the wretched memories. He curled into a tight ball, hugging his knees, and twitching, laughing occasionally. His breathing quickened, and his iris shrunk as a sporadic laugh escaped him. A tear slid down his cheek, but he continued laughing madly as the pain of the memory stabbed at his mind.

Add didnt realize that the darkness around him was creeping up on him, overtaking him. By the time he did, his eyes were shut.


Faith woke up to the chirping of birds. She got out of bed and got ready. Today was a normal weekend, a nice day to sit home and do absolutely noth- Thunk!

Faith heard a sound from outside. She slipped her shoes on, and walked round to the backdoor. She went outside and walked the back of the house, then suddenly stopped. Right in front of her, was a boy lying in the grass! “Oh my gosh, is he DEAD?!” Faith exclaimed in her head. She was reassured as she saw the gentle rise and fall of the boy’s chest. His breathing was sharp and uneven.

Add rolled over and opened his eyes. Looking down on him was a girl, about 13, with red-orange hair, freckles, and dark brown, worried eyes. He shot up on shock, and Faith jumped back. “Where am I and what did you do to me?!” Add shouted. “I-I just found you here, I didn’t do anythi- Where am I and why can’t I use magic!?” Add interrupted. “I don’t know!” Faith yelled.

Faith had an idea. For as long as she could remember, she had been able to look into someone’s eyes and read their memories.

Faith looked into Add’s insane eyes, and began a quick memory search. But the search went on for longer than she intended, this boy had been through too much: Unfathomable pain, death of loved ones, heart stopping fear,

Years of loneliness.

When Faith couldn’t take anymore, she immediately pulled Add into a hug. Shocked, he tensed up. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” Faith continued, a tear beginning to roll down her cheek as she pulled herself tighter into Add’s chest. His mind soon filled with thoughts.

Add didn’t understand why this girl was apologizing. Had she done something? Had he done something? Had she seen something? He shook the thought from his head. How could this girl be looking into his past? It did seem likely, anyone would feel sorry for him if they knew what had happened to him.

Add began to relax into Faith’s hug, eventually letting his head rest on Faith’s shoulder, and his arms wrap around her waist. He hadn’t felt anything like this in a long time.

“I’ll never let anything that horrible happen to you again.” Faith whispered.

“You saw?” Add asked. Faith looked up, sniffled, and nodded. Add whipped a tear off her check, not sure if he was being weird. “I’m sorry.” He said. For a few moments they kept looking into each other’s eyes, as if they could read what the other person was thinking, but then Faith pulled away. “But, how did you get here?” Faith asked. Add just shrugged.

Faith grabbed Add’s hand and led him towards the back door. Her mom had gone out for her morning yoga, and she left Faith at home. It was okay, since Faith was 13. “Are you hungry?” Faith asked. Add nodded.

Faith led Add inside the house, and sat him down at the dinner table. She didn’t know how to cook so she heated up some pasta from last night. When it was ready, she brought it over to the table, and gave Add a fork.

Add looked at the strange food that was in front of him, and picked up the weird metallic object that Faith had handed him. He used the metal thing to pick up the food and looked at it more closely. “It looks like your hair.” He said, referring to Faith’s reddish-orange hair.

Faith giggled. “What does it do?” Add asked. “You’re supposed to eat it.” She said. “And then?” Add continued to question. “You… don’t need to eat for another 4 hours? Unless you get hungry, that’s called a snack.”

Add lowered the fork to his mouth, and tentatively slurped up one of the noodles. Before Faith could ask if he liked it, Add began devouring the pasta, and then licked the plate clean.

“Either you were really hungry, or I’m a really good chef.”  Faith said, surprised. “They should have that back in Elsword!” Add exclaimed. “Are you still hungry?” Faith asked. “Yea, its been a few days since I’ve last eaten.” He replied. A few days? No wonder he had been so hungry, how could anyone stand going a ‘few days’ without eating? Faith turned around. “Well I’ve got something for you!” She said, disappearing into another room.

Her mom’s birthday had been just a few days ago, and some of her birthday cake was still left. She opened the fridge, and picked up the plate with cake on it. She walked back into the dining room and set the plate down in front of Add.

“Cake!” Add exclaimed. He didn’t even bother picking up the strange metal thing he had used to eat the string-food, he just ate with his hands.

Faith watched again as Add devoured the cake. ”Careful on the cake, you don’t want to get sick.” she warned.


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