Opps I Wrote A Thing Agian

Frank was lying on the bed, sleeping. He had one of his wings resting under him, and the other hanging lazily off the bed. He snored softly, and the tip of his tail twitched occasionally.

It was 1:20 am. Faith didn’t even know why she was awake, let alone why she was watching Frank sleep. She just had… a feeling. And when Faith had a feeling, it meant something. She stood in the doorway, and continued to watch him for a few minutes, her mind beginning to slowly drift into thought. But she was shocked back to reality when a picture, a startling image, shot into her mind without warning, but then left almost as quickly as it had came.

She tried to remember it, but it was almost as if it wasn’t one of her memories. Then, it struck her that the room she was standing in and the image both had something in common-
She still couldn’t remember what the image was of, but she remembered Frank being in it. Another image interrupted her thought. It lasted longer this time, and Faith though that she had herd Frank’s voice, but she still couldn’t remember what the image had shown. She turned back to Frank, and saw him flinch.

Was he doing this? Faith shook the idea from her head. If he was sending her these images, it was most likely an accident, he probably wasn’t even aware it was happening, he was dreaming after all! Frank probably didn’t even have the power to- Faith’ s thoughts abruptly halted, and she tensed up as another image intruded her mind. It was more than an image this time, it felt too real.

Frank was trapped inside a small glass container, which was slowly filling with a strange, green liquid. “Help me!!” He screamed, banging his fists helplessly on the thick glass. “Destiny! Help me!!!” He yelled, pounding on the glass agian. But he was barely audible from outside the now half-filled tank. And that’s how they wanted it to be. No one was allowed to escape.

The vision left Faith almost painfully. She let out a small gasp of shock, and stumbled back a few steps. She peaked into the room agian. Frank was mumbling something, his eyebrows tilted, fearfully. Faith quietly snuck out of the room. She turned, only to be stopped by Destiny, her purple eyes staring into Faith telling her ‘I saw. It was him.’

Destiny had woken up right after Frank had called for her. But what was happening in the dream was not what had scared her, it was where it had taken place. All dejidees had the cursed memories of the factory in which they had been created, a painfully process of being cut and injected. The experience was so dramatic, no creature could ever possibly forget it. And yet, that’s where Frank’s dream had taken place. How did he even know about the factory!? All the details where too precise.

Faith backed away from the door, and let Destiny step in. She didn’t have the feeling anymore, so she decided to go back to bed.

Destiny could still see what Frank was dreaming, but it was more of a vague, ghostly image. She slowly enterd the room and approached him. He mumbled. But he wasn’t really mumbling, he was screaming. In his dream he was screaming in agony as he watched his skin being peeled from his right arm, blood oozing from the large wound. He tried to focus on just his smallest injury, but he couldent take his attention off the person behind him, sawing off his left wing, or the long needle forcing an opaque purple liquid into his left shoulder.

Destiny couldn’t take it anymore. She quickly walked over to the side of the bed and shook Frank by the shoulders. “Frank, wake up! Frank!” She whisperd.

Frank’s eyes shot open, he was afraid that he would wake up agian, and be forced to watch them tear him apart once more. But no, thankfully, he was greeted by Destiny’ s glowing, purple eyes. He relaxed, and the fear fadded from his eyes as he closed them, and tried to go back to sleep.

“Frank, did you remember? How did you know about the factory!?” Destiny said, shaking him agian. Frank’s memories of the dream quickly faded. “What factory? Just let me sleep.” He said, sleepily shoving Destiny off of him. Destiny let go of him with a sigh of relief. It was beyond relief. No one deserved those memories. Not her, not Frank, not anyone

It was more rushed than I intended it to be at this one part. I think I’ll make a small bit of a “follow up” story to this maybe, but it’ll be short.
Frank Kepler belongs to FranklyIconic opps I mean SimplyIdyllic
Faith, Destiny, and the dejidee species [im going to murder autocorrect] belong to me.

9 thoughts on “Opps I Wrote A Thing Agian

      1. Oh…well in that case, it was good. Certainly grabbed my attention. Is this a short story, a book, a giant novel :-D, or what? I’m a bit confused. These characters are not made up by you, right?

      2. Autocorrect has tried to kill me multiple times. When I’ve tried to say goodnight to people, it puts the word “baby” at the end of it. And I’m not about to let autocorrect change my relationship with people without my consent!

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