??? What Is This ???

The entire right half of my body just hurts.
It aches and its hurts to move.

Walking: Yep, my hip and my knee feel like they are dissolving. And don’t forget the stabbing pain in my muscles!
Righting: I wrote pretty much everything today with my left hand [its legible now].
Typing this: My entire arm is on fire.
Anything else?: I keep getting headaches but itS ONLY IN THE RIGHT HALF OF MY HEAD WHAT THE FUCK?????


4 thoughts on “??? What Is This ???

  1. I’m slightly concerned that it’s all on your right side…well. It’s probably nothing, but I’d hope you don’t have a similar situation as me, as that is one of the first things that comes to mind when I think about it. I’m certainly no doctor and I don’t want you to worry about something that isn’t worth worrying about. But if it gets worse, don’t hesitate to tell someone.

      1. You have no idea how much I hate pills…even if I grind them up and put them in applesauce, take them with a flavored drink, or eat something after taking them, I seem to have that awful taste in my mouth all day…

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