I Can Consider This A Near Death Experience

Now, you might have heard a little bit about my stepdad, Tony, but probably not much. Lets just say that’s he’s the definition of strict.

So here I am, scrolling through tumblr, when he walks in. I quickly switch to scratch, but he sees I closed the tab. He grabs my arm, and makes that little “mmhmm” noise that’s like a “yea” but with your mouth closed. I start to loose feeling in my hand as he asks “What where you looking at?”

Now, im slightly honest about this part, but I answer “Simple’s blog.”, even though technically I was browsing through my tumblr dashboard.

“Done your homework?”
He smiles, and for the first time in probably years, praises me.
If I hadn’t lied, I probably would have gotten smacked in the head.
I had a few things of homework, but Ill do them 2morow morning when he’s left.

Infact, im not even going to touch my backpack 2night 🙂 *slides backpack into corner*

One thought on “I Can Consider This A Near Death Experience

  1. That sounds like multiple experiences I had with my dad. Almost exactly. It’s why I’ve carefully planned out several excuses and escape routes in case they happen to see my blog, my twitter, etc. I still don’t feel very safe though. I’m sure they’ll discover my blog eventually.

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