Don’t You Just Hate It When…

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve had a character for more than a year and you decide to modify him/her so that he/she fits into this one rpg that all your friends and senpai’s are in, but then someone decides they are going to steal the role of your character?

Don’t you hate it how you’ve had this character ready for 2 month’s and you’ve ben telling everyone “I CALL DIBS ON SHSL HORSEBACK RIDER!!!” yet some little bitch decides to completely ignore you and create a SHSL Horse Rider?

Doesn’t that make you want to murder them and then scream at their dead body because they just destroyed something you’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into?

Don’t you get really pissed off at the fact that the owner of the rpg is actually letting this person get away with this even though you asked/told them multiple time “Can I use SHSL Horseback rider?/ Im going to have a SHSL Horseback rider!”?

So if you need me, I’ll be in my room shouting profanities at a wall. 🙂

*P.S. a SHSL Stands for Super High School Level. The rpg takes place in a high school where super talented students are taken to, and they need a special talent to get in. However, each student needs a special and unique talent, so there can’t be 2 shsl Horseback riders.

Special thanks to mist66 and Mossfang on scratch for really pissing me off today 😀


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