The Ultimate Christmas Wish:

Santa: What do you want for Christmas?
Me: I want all my OTPs to be canon.
Me: …
Santa: …
Me: …
Santa: Why don’t you just want a puppy like everyone else? I’m Santa not a miracle worker!
Me: Aren’t those the same thing?


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Christmas Wish:

  1. Fropiezzo and Blairpiezzo? Let me check with the characters I own on that…

    *several minutes later

    *limps back covered in paper shredding, ink, and paint I don’t think they approve. *looks at peice of paper on forehead Oh, look! It says so right here.

      1. Dopiezzo: Actually… I found Syrene.


        Syrene: *scrubbing tongue with large amount of toothpaste I’m never sitting near mistletoe again. ESPECIALLY when it’s on just a rod and can be picked up and moved around…

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