*Deep Breathing*

Getting braces tomorrow….

Eating a ton of gummy candy and popcorn.

Also been doing alto of Pokemon…

Farmin berries .3.


22 thoughts on “*Deep Breathing*

  1. Ah good luck! You’d better follow through with it! Because if you don’t, the orthodontist will purposely cut your gums on your last appointment. Yes, that happened to me. And I’m glad I chose not to get braces. My teeth are fine without them.

      1. Lol! Mine aren’t noticeably bad, it’s just that my front two teeth are nearly perpendicular with my other teeth. On the x-ray of my mouth it was literally like _

        (That probably didn’t even make sense)

        But it doesn’t cause me any problems and surprisingly, it’s not noticeable.

        Well…good luck! You’ll have perfect teeth in no time! *sarcasm

      2. I would’ve never guessed you were pansexual! Have you told anyone in real life yet?

        I ask because I’m a lesbian. (You’re the 3rd person I’ve told. And yes, now more people will see this comment) And I’m certain if I tell my anti-gay Christian parents that I’m a lesbian they will kick me out. :-/

      3. NOPE! Not a soul in rl…
        Well except for Kezlie, but I didn’t even tell her in rl, it was via email.

        IRDK where my parents stands in the whole “anti-gay” issue, but I know my moms parents aren’t anti-gay, even though they havent skipped a Sunday of church since the day they where born.

        I defiantly don’t want Kathy finding out… And what if dad joins her side in that argument… uagh… I don’t even wanna think about it.

        *trys not to end comment on unhappy note*

      4. This is crazy but…if we both get kicked out do you wanna run away with me? X-D It’s better to travel with someone. And I’m actually getting ready to prepare a bag of supplies for when I do tell my parents X-D

        This is funny but sad…

      5. Is that even possible if my parents don’t consent? (I’ve been reading up on the repercussions of running away) And it’s actually a crime if you let me stay there without legal consent. It’s called “harboring a runaway” or something.

      6. Harboring a runaway is illegal in every state. However, if we play this carefully, nobody will suspect anything and as long as nobody suspects anything, we’re all good. Making up a story like “she’s my cousin” would be believable enough for anyone who questioned it. Legally, there’s nothing you can really do to prevent parents from kicking you out. But I believe it does fall under child endangerment so yes, it is a crime. More like it SHOULD be a crime.

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