6 thoughts on “I FOUND THE FUNDIP

    1. I can’t eat starburst.
      So first we (me and syd)had ice cream, then cake, than more ice cream, and then left over cake. All in about less than an hour and a half. Then everything was funny for some reason, and says wouldent stop quoting some of our inside jokes.

  1. Hey, I’ve got a big request regarding Elkmire. Ross is a little busy with her own book and we can’t get going on the animation until we have a proper story. You’re a good writer. I was wondering if you’d help us out with the story. We chat as a group on kik now, since Ross finally got kik. So if you have a kik and are willing to help us out, let me know 🙂 thanks!

      1. Ok. Are you able to get kik? Or you could email me. Or twitter message me. But that has a character limit. Ross has helped me thus far, so it would be a good idea to discuss ideas with me and her because we already have a few key ideas down.

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