Lost 3DS Powersaves Key

So, I my mom FINALLY let me download the 3DS powersaves data, after literal MONTHS of begging her (my computer has a shitty parental controls lock, and you have to have a parent enter a password to download new programs. My dad doesn’t know the password, and every time I asked mom to, she would tell me to go do chores or something.)

I opened the program and typed in my email. Before this conversation (I thought) my powersaves key was in the same place I had left it, In a small slip of paper in my desk. However…
Me: “Mom, did you move the license key?”
Mom: “Oh yea, I threw it out”
Me: “When?!”
Mom: “A few weeks ago.”
Me: “WHY!?!”
Mom: “It was just a whole bunch of letters and numbers, not like you needed it or anything.”

So now I have this little doodad hooked up to my computer and no way of using it, all because my stupid mother decided to browse through my desk drawers.

(Apologies to Dragon Master, IDK how long it will be till my grandma or anyone else lets me get a new one)

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