Ok I’m Gonna Need Some Help…

Okay I have an idea and some characters for a story, and pathetic scraps of a plot, so I’m calling all righters (Or anyone with experience or knowledge) to come over and help me out:

1. Kids/adolescence with mental illness.

Okay so one of the main characters lives in a mental hospital for children. I don’t know what kind of illness he’ll have (maybe Autism, because he’s like one of those Autistic prodigies that understands everything about science) but yea just word-vomit everything you know about how they act and stuff. (sorry for that image)

2. What its like living in a mental hospital (For children)

Yea same reason as above. I don’t want it to be like one of those places that got shut down for abusing the patients, but I’ve decided that the staff there aren’t going to be the nicest. (*pulls out notebook* “There was a sudden banging on the wall from the other side. Then high pitched screaming of words I couldn’t make out. I heard a nurse walking quickly down the hall. The door in the other room squeaked open and we heard a muffled “No one’s going to hear you, Josephine!”. But the child kept screaming and bashing her fists against the walls)

3. Plot

Seriously I need a plot.

4. Antagonist

And a villain.

I had a few other things but things but I forgot them after tap.

6 thoughts on “Ok I’m Gonna Need Some Help…

  1. So the main character’s gonna have Asperger’s or something? Have you read The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night Time? The main character in it has Asperger’s, it might give you some ideas c:
    I pretty much refuse to script anything after what happened last year in the Media Studies thing we did, me and my friend were left to write ALL of the scripts, and I only got about ten minutes of editing time which was what I had wanted to do. That lesson was basically just extra English (boring) until we got the scripting out of the way, then I got to do some camerawork and posters xD

  2. Well I sit by a kid with some mental illness but I don’t know what it is. We had a conversation today and he said we should burn the constitution and make a Star Wars style empire.

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