I am one straw away from punching Matthew in his douchy face.
I am two straws away from punching Rossy in her douchy face.
And I am three straws away from loosing my last nerve of sanity and throwing myself in front of a bus or something to end this shitty excuse of a life.


6 thoughts on “;U;

    1. No no no graystripe, you’ve got it all wrong!
      Frank is the love
      Frank is the life.

      Frank is the light when our lives grow dim. The reminder that even when it looks like things can’t get any worse, THEY CAN! BUT WE ARE GOING TO PULL THROUGH ANYWAY!!!! We may end up losing an eye, or getting turned into a demon by a friend that we somehow managed “accidentally” kill, BUT IN THE END, WE ARE STILL ALIVE!!!!

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