Art/Sketch/Refrence Dump


Rocket Ref


Slyther Sketch

Slyther Ref


Lilly Sketch

IDK What I Did But It Worked.

Art is mine. Please don’t use it 🙂 It would disappoint the children.


7 thoughts on “Art/Sketch/Refrence Dump

  1. Some times I just wish that I was born during the old west so that if I didn’t like somebody we could just have a gun fight but then I realize that I have Native American blood so I would be walking the trail of tears or something.

  2. Well this sucks.

    My dads best friend just passed away after battling cancer for 13 months. He went to our church and I watched like 3 Super Bowls with him. Any guy knows that’s a lot.😭

    I’m not trying to make friends again for their own safety.

    1. someone in english wrote a story about how donkey had to shoot shrek in the zombie apocalypse because a zombified farquaad bit him and shreks last words were ‘use more than one bullet. remember……” shrek shed a tear and smiled “ogres have layers”

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