My friends claim that I have differnt personalities around differnt friends, but I don’t feel like I change at all! I also have some of the symptoms that they list (depression, insomnia) so this is kindof freaking me out.

5 thoughts on “I AM ABOUT 98% SURE I HAVE THIS

  1. I have actually been diagnosed with dissociation. It’s apparently why I feel so sick, as I feel “stress” and “anxiety” physically instead of emotionally. I’m not sure if this is right. I’ve read into CFS/ME and it sounds exactly like what’s going on. Yet everyone around me dismisses it because I suppose I’m just a delusional psycho to them…

  2. Yep. This is me…

    “Dissociation may also happen when there has been insistent neglect or emotional abuse, even when there has been no overt physical or sexual abuse. Findings show that in families where parents are frightening and unpredictable, the children may become dissociative.”

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