Giving Up on Shelby

No no no, I don’t mean putting her down, I mean surrendering her back to the SPCA.

Its a logical choice though, considering its been (lets see…. November, December, January, Feburary…) at least 4 1/2 months and Shelby STILL has to keep a minimum distance of 5 feet away from me(lets keep in mind that she was in the woods for most of December and January). And Syd? Pfft, she wont even tolerate being in the same room as Sydney! Its not even truly impacting me, it only reall bothers me when shes pacing on circles around me when im eating, but its really putting a strain on Mom. I mean, she lovesher dogs, and she can hardly sleep knowing one of them is stuck outside in the mud and cold. And when she’s no outside, she’s inside barking and howling(she’s part hound, after all) and scratching at her cage.

Maybe if we had a month or two more that I could spend with her, she’d be a “normal” dog, but at this point, all that really matters is mom (I try to help with Shelby whenever I can, but there’s not much I can do considering I make her run away.) because she’s the one who takes the most care of her. And Mom has decided that on Sunday morning, we’ll go back to the SPCA and drop off Shelby.


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