Status: Unstoppable

A weird thing happened today: My fears and anxieties disappeared without a trace.

It started this afternoon, at lunch, we went to a new (AS IN, NEVER BEEN THERE, DONT KNOW THE MENUE; NEW ) restaurant, and I didn’t notice until after I had ordered that 1) I didn’t recite the order in my head like I normally do a and 2) When I ordered, I didn’t feel like I was going to get scolded for saying something wrong [that’s what social anxiety feels like, if you haven’t experienced it].

Then, I went to riding. It was cold, but not freezing. Though I struggled to get Ralph (He was being a real son of a bitch, I haven’t seen him that bad since I first arrived at the farm 2 years ago. He was trying to kick me and put up fights with other horses and everything), he seriously made up for it in the ring. He picked up the trot when I asked, didn’t yank on the rigns, and struck off in the canter right when I asked (AND ON THE CORRECT LEAD!!! BOTH TIMES!!!!!).

Then, a bunch of people enterd the ring, and I kept cantering. I hardly noticed! usually I’de freak out with 3 or 4 other people. Today: 7 PEOPLE IN THE RING (2 of which who weren’t in the lesson) AND I WAS CANTERING PERFECTLY FINE.


Kitchi brought us out to jump some. And. I. Didn’t. Freak. Out. On. The. Jumps.

For. The. First. Time. Ever.

I. Pulled. Off. 5. Jumps. In. A. Row. Perfectly.

Kitchi said I had gone from a 6 to a 10 in my riding skills that day. But really, I had just gone from 6 to fearless ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, I got home just a few minutes ago to find out Moss just posted the Mastermind Trail. This day is truly blessed.

6 thoughts on “Status: Unstoppable

  1. Today was decent. Starting:
    Con:Mom woke me up on a weekend (we had to go to church which is NOT a con)
    Pro: I ate a donut
    Con:Got carried away when I was in the shower so we were late to church. Hey you got to give me that one because I didn’t want to get out until my song ended.
    Pro: Church started late so we got there right on time
    Con: Don’t get me wrong I love church but it went 20 minutes longer today. I was thirsty because I was sick so I had to breathe through my mouth ( drying up my throat)
    Pro: We got home and I watched racing for a while
    Con: Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn’t win the race.
    Pro: I went outside and blew up a two liter by shooting it.
    Con:Clouds and wind rolled in so I went inside
    Pro: Watched some DVRed TV
    Con: someone tried to ship me and my crush on social media, sort of embarrassing even though she already knew I liked her and she likes me back but no body here what’s to hear about my love life so next.
    Pro: Mom bought ice cream ๐Ÿ˜€
    Con: it’s a freaking school night.

    1. Lol today was a lazy day mind yall. I usually would have been outside all day but since bad weather rolled in and a cold front rolled in I had to stay inside lol. Didn’t want myself to sound like a lazy bug.

    2. Hahaha that’s why I don’t listen to music in the shower XD

      Lol, I wish my crush liked me back. She knows that I like her but she’s straight so…. agh I don’t think you’ll ever have to deal with something like that so I’ll shut up T-T

      1. Eh, I don’t have a problem with homosexual people. It’s basically like being a dog person or a cat person. My cousin is homo sexual, nobody ever says anything about it to him but my grandmother doesn’t like it one bit. I don’t support it but I do not not support it. I guess I just take a liking to girls more because that’s the way I was made (not to sound creepy or anything).

      2. hahaha I was “made” to like boys. Never knew a homosexual person. My dad said that when I was little once, I saw a picture of two men in tuxedoes and I laughed cause I thought they where getting married. Then my mother took me to this weird sunday school that taught me that homosexuals where bad, so for a while I acted like I was homophobic, but truly, deep inside I was kind of like; “Seriously? They’re not hurting you, so why should we be agiants them?” My mom switched churches, but my “homophobic” habits kind of remained. Then I decided to switched bacl to not being homophobic after I meet someone who was bisexual on the internet. Later I found out that I was pansexual, and so I’ve been a supporter ever since ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Today I slept uninterrupted until 9 in the morning when my mum woke me up to say I had to get a runaway kitten back in the house before I left. I stayed in bed for a few hours then got up for a shower. Then I got dressed and stuff and sat and played Psychosocial by Slipknot on Guitar Hero for ages xD Then I managed to get the cat back in the house, even if she was soaking wet and covered in mud and snow. I went over to my nana’s for lunch, ate half of my lunch before I started feeling sick because of the heat in the room, retreated to a colder, darker room and posted this message while listening to Slipknot. xD
    Not really the best day, but it’s been alright. I stayed awake until one last night talking to people on the chatbox on a website. I’m tired ๐Ÿ˜€

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