New Schedule

Ha, ha, ha, haven’t had a “Schedule” since 2013 lmao XD

Well, at the same time, this isn’t exactly a “schedule” as much as it is part of one. Getting to the point:

I’ll be halting my internet activity every Tuesday so I can write Bayline.

I hate to do it, but I am beyond far behind on it. If I want to get the first book done by the end of May (which is my goal), I seriously need to kick it up a notch. More like 3 notches.

Anyway, since my school year is ending at the end of May, this will probably only last until Bayline is done.


If you see me online any Tuesday, doing anything, tell me to get my ass back in my Bayline draft

And please don’t give a shit about being polite.


3 thoughts on “New Schedule

  1. Good luck. I know you’ve seen my lousy attempts at schedules over the years…post schedule- FAIL, YouTube schedule- FAIL, I could go on…it’s not as easy as it sounds.

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