Bayline Chapter 1

Mother and I decided to have a small party, after all, this may be the last time we get to celebrate together, maybe even the last time we see each other. She decided to let me help decorate the cake, once again, because this was the last time we might do this together.

I was on the porch out front. The scent of lemongrass and rosemary drifting on the breeze from my mother’s garden. I stepped into the kitchen and the bright sun shone from outside through the window, and illuminated the pink flowers growing in a pot by the sink. It was a sunny summer day, what a great day to have the rest of your life decided.

Today is the day of my Chosen test. It will decide my Chosen, which is basically a small marking of an animal you get on your wrist, which will decide my sector, which is how our city. Bayline, is organized. There are four sectors on Bayline, just as there are four legs on a chair; if one of them fails, then we all will collapse.

Each sectors has an equally important job. The first sector, Areos, is represented by the bird. They are the smart, they strive for intelligence and knowledge, trying to discover how things work. All of our scientist, doctors and teachers are Areos.

The second sector, Mamlin are the strong, hard workers. They are represented by the paw. They are extreme; pushing themselves to the limits to try and achieve greatness. Our guards and police officers come from Mamlin.

The third sector is called Marine, and they’re represented by the wave. They are the thinkers, however, while Areos relies on facts and information, Marine rely on creativity and imagination. Most Marine become great inventors and artist.

The fourth and final sector, the one my mom and I are in, is Scalein. We are the generous providers, but we are also strong and diligent. We are represented by the scale. There are few of us that do not live on farms or plantations, but I wouldn’t trade this life out here for anything, not even the world itself; here, I am free. And thats why I’m hoping my Chosen will keep me placed in Scalein.

The oven timer rang, shocking me back into reality. My mother quickly walked over to it, her apron swaying as she moved and opened the oven door. Steam arose from the cake as she pulled it out, and a sweet aroma filled the kitchen. I was going to miss this place if I had to leave Scalein. Maybe I was allowed to visit? Or would I be too busy working with scientist if I got Areos? Or fighting criminals in Mamlin, or- I stopped myself from thinking anymore. What mattered was now, while I was still here.

We waited a few minutes for the cake to cool, and then mom got the bowl of icing. I painted the white sugar over the cake, and then placed little flowers of pink icing on top, and finished it by writing “Good luck, Crystal!” in the middle.

“Want the extra?” She asked, handing me the icing covered spatula.

“Duh!” I said, taking the spatula from her and shoving it in my mouth. When there was not a scrap of frosting left, I set the spatula in the sink.

My mother turned and walked towards the stairs, her blonde, curly hair bobbing. “Boys!” she shouted up the stairwell. The call was directed to both my brothers and my father, Anthony.

Only a few seconds after her call, you could hear my little brother’s giggles and their footsteps plopping down the stairs as their head peak in from the stairwell. They know the cake is ready, after all, its aroma has spread all over the house.

Their names are Dylan and Hunter, and they are both 7. They are twins, though they look slightly different; Hunter with darker hair, and Dylan is shorter. My parents also always leave Hunters hair longer when they cut it.

They stampeeded into the kitchen, crowding around the cake, Hunter holding his hand above the cake threateningly. Mom shooed them away, and motioned me to go sit down at the table. I sat down next to a pile of small packages. A big gift wouldn’t be useful, since I wouldn’t be able to take it to my new sector if I had to leave. On top of the pile sat a small, decoratively wrapped package with my name written on it in my Aunt Nancy’s handwriting. She was into giving gifts, since she lived in the other side of our sector’s region and rarely got to see us. My brothers sat on either side of me.

I am not like my brothers though, my skin is darker than theirs, and I don’t have blue eyes like I should. The reason is because my birth father isn’t Anthony.

My mother and father met in Scalein when they were young. They fell in love, but my father got a Chosen that placed him in Mamlin, and love across sectors isn’t allowed. My mother and father continued to meet in secret though, and eventually I was born. I apparently met my birth father once, but I was too young to remember. My mother and I never saw him again, she claimed it was safer that way.

Finally, I heard Anthonys footsteps. I still called him my father even after learning the truth about him, though the word had kind of lost its meaning.

Anthony is still a kind person.

Anthony sat in the seat across from me.

“Cake, cake, cake!” He said, rubbing his hands together. Mother sat the cake on the table. “You should open some of your gifts first.” She said.

I looked over to the pile of packages and envelopes (not that there were many, only maybe 4 or 5 stacked on top of each other)and decided to open the envelopes first, at the bottom was one marked by my cousins Danny and Katherine. Inside was a card and 16 dollars.

After I opened some other presents and envelopes with more cards and money in them, then finally, I got to my Aunt’s present. I carefully tore the paper off, revealing a red box. When I opened the box, I saw a necklace with a gold pendant with my name on it, studded with diamonds.

“Woah.” I whispered as I pulled it out. My brothers fell quiet as I held the shiny object in the air, the miniscule diamonds reflecting tiny beams of light around the dining room as I held it in the sun’s ray.

After examining it, I hooked it around my neck. My mom got out the knife and began to cut the cake into 7 pieces, even though there were only 5 of us.

After we each got our piece of cake, we ate in silence for a few minutes.

“When I get my Chosen, I wanna be a Mamlin!” Hunter exclaimed through a mouth full of cake, breaking the quietness. I rolled my eyes. Hunter had always been a thrill seeker, but when the time came, I’m sure he’d realize he’d actually want to stay with his mother.

“Well I wanna go to Areos, and be smart!” Dylan spoke back. “Mamlin are dumb, and don’t think before they attack. They just expect their moves to save them from anything.”

“Well Areos are wierdo nerds!” Hunter yelled.

“No! They’re cool!” Dylan shouted, leaning in front of me and trying to grab Hunter. The fighting continued until the clock hit 11:00 am.

It was time for me to go to testing.

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