Its 4 AM and We Waitin Foa Dah Plane

And then, I’m gonna fall asleep on the plane!
And then, I’m gonna wake up to my ears exploding!
And then, their not gonna pop for the rest of the day!
And then, I’m going to be miserable!

I know this, because it has happened once and it will happen again…


6 thoughts on “Its 4 AM and We Waitin Foa Dah Plane

  1. Where you going? I haven’t had any bad experience with planes. One time my ears popped really bad, but with some gum I was fine. Hasn’t really been bad since. Last time there was a crying baby in the seat behind us and it was SO ANNOYING. >:-(

  2. I remember the last time I rode a plane. I was about 8I had to go to the bathroom before I got on, but I figured they would have little white toilets like they do in house bathrooms. When I boarded the plane, I was in shock. The toilet was an ugly gray color, it looked like a baby hippopotamus sun bathing. I looked in the hole. All I saw was a deep black void. Reality started setting in on me, if I sat down on this toilet, I would fall out of the plane. I thought of where I would land if I fell out. If the plane was heading to Georgia from North Carolina, that means I would land somewhere in Siberia. I visioned my self falling into a large snow drift and being rescued by reindeer, being forced to eat lichen for the rest of my life. With tears in my eyes I ran back to my seat. I waited for two hours for us to land. This was an emotional experience I will never forget.

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