Update on Bayline…

Oh my my, Bayline… such a touchy topic. I don’t want any spoilers slipping out, but at the same time, that’s hard to do when there stuff that needs explaining.

So, updates:

1. I won’t be able to post Chapter 5 probably until next week…

It’s not that I don’t have the entire chapter written, it’s just that I have also been posting Bayline on my deviantArt, and Bayline has a strict schedule of being posted exactly at 4:00 pm every Tuesday. Since I will be in camp 9:00 – 4:00 everyday all week, I won’t be able to do this.

“But Kitty/Spot, you can just use the scheduled posting setting!”- 
I could on WordPress, but it requires a paid membership on deviantArt, which I do not have.
However, it is possible to give another deviant (such as me) a free paid membership, and that would be greatly appreciated, if you ever have any spare cash. 😉


2. We are about to meet a new character that doesn’t entirely belong to me…

In fact, he doesn’t belong to me at all! XD I have simply altered his backstory to fit into the story. (There was a hint to his true owner in that sentence)
But, since he doesn’t belong to me, we run into the problem of how I’m going to give credit.
You see, the character appears first wearing a fake identity. His true identity isn’t revealed until sometime in chapter 18-20
So the choice I face is, should I;

A. Halt Bayline and write up until his true identity is revealed, then release all the chapters and give proper credit?
B. Say “[Character] doesn’t entirely belong to me.” Until his true identity is revealed, where I will give proper credit?
C. Change the plot and character and ultimately start from scratch? (This would pretty much ruin my purpose for even writing Bayline)

The question is there for you too answer! ~Kitty/Spot


Bayline Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I suddenly realized I was sweating, panting, and gripping the metal chair with all the strength in my hands.

“Here, drink this.” Abigale’s freckled face greeted me as I wiped my forehead. “Don’t worry, its just water.” She continued, handing me a plastic cup. I drank it all in one gulp, but my throat was still dry. My breathing began to slow back to a normal pace.

“The test has been known to have that effect on certain people.” She said. She rearranged some items on the table. From the way she spoke and acted, I guessed she came from Marine, however she dressed like a Mamlin.

“Soo…” She said walking back over to me, “Let’s take a look!”

I didn’t know what to expect under the fabric patch, I hadn’t seen any animal (besides the crows and the scaley-dog creature) in the test. I had also displayed both brave and generous behaviors during the test. I guess it’d be a surprise.

And it was. Nothing could have prepared me for the confusion and shock of when Abigale lifted the patch off my wrist, to reveal and ink stain of the scaley dog creature on my skin. In the image, the creature was lying down, and sat almost peacefully. However, one of its heads was raised and looked behind it, with its mouth open in a snarl.

Oh no…” Abigale whispered.

“What, what is it?” I asked. Abigale was up and shoving her way through the pile on the table. Aigale was mumbling to herself worriedly.

“I don’t understand, what sector do I go to?” I continued asking. So many questions came in and out of my head.

“Whatever sector it is, it can’t be your home sector.” Abigale said. “They’ll find you if you go back.” Abigale seemed to be speaking some other language. Find me for what? Did i do something wrong? Did I fail the test?

Failing was possible, though few did. Some people had taken the test only to find that they didn’t fit any of the sectors, and simply had no valued attributes. They usually ended up serving in lower jobs if they were lucky, but most lived on the streets, struggling to survive.

“Oh no, you did anything but fail. You passed with flying colors!” Abigale said this with a smile on her face, “But, that means they’ll be after you. So we have to cover it.”

There she goes again. Who was going to catch me? If I passed “with flying colors” should I be able to go back to my home faction?

Abigale took a small jar of clear liquid and used a brush to dab it over my chosen.

“Wait what’s that fo- ow!” The liquid began to burn my skin, and two of the heads on my chosen disappeared, along with the scales.

Abigale opened the door to the next room, where I would join up with my new sector.

“Go to Mamlin.” She said. I almost couldn’t hear her over the chatter in the other room.

“But-” none of my questions had been answered.

Resentfully, I walked into the next room. It was much larger, and I felt like I had to swim my way through a sea of people to reach the tunnel under the Mamlin sign.

A new feeling in my chest, a mix of excitement, anxiousness, and confusion, told me that nothing would be the same in my life again.

Proof That Dennybutt is Psychic

So I have 3 MLP’s saved from when I was a little kid.

Then, I follow Dennybutt on Tumblr.

The first day, she draws:


Total coincidence, right?

Well the next day she draws:



Let me say it again;
I have only 3 MLP toys in my ownership. And the days after I follow dennybutt, she draws two of them.


Bayline Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I could feel that I wasn’t in the chair anymore, and that the ground beneath me was cold and hard.

“Here, grab my hand.” Someone said. It sounded like another girl. I reached up even though I couldn’t see, and the hand found me. The moment her skin touched mine, I was blinded by a bright light. After my eyes adjusted I looked around. I was in a Scalein farm field.

“Thank yo-“ My thanks was cut short as I looked back at the girl and realized it was me. The girl was me.

So that was what they meant when they said the test shows you who you really are. The girl- or, I,- was still smiling, as if I was pleased to see that I had helped someone.

“Come on!” She said, motioning me to follow her through a patch of knee-high grass. I got up and she started running, so I followed her without question. I chased myself through the field to the edge of a forest, and then, the girl disappeared, seemingly into thin air. The forest grew dark, and the green leaves on the trees turned brown and crimson as the ground beneath me turned to hard, dried mud.

Suddenly, a flock of crows flew through the trees, and I had to duck to avoid getting hit. Their hundreds of caws and squawks were followed by a loud roar from the direction they had come from, and then the ground shook. The forest fell silent, but the silence was broken by the crackling of snapping trees, being pushed over by some unseen creature. The snaps kept getting closer, and I readied myself for whatever was coming. I noticed something shiny on the ground, and bent down to quickly pick it up. It was a large, sharp shard of glass.

I looked back up, and noticed the creature was right in front of me, drool dripping from its fang. It was canine like in the fact that it had paws and stood on four legs, but the top side of its tail, its slopped back and the front of its legs were covered in scales, and it also had three canine heads. It was reddish–brown and its eyes glowed like magma. It was about three times taller than the trees around me.

Two of the creature’s heads growled, and the middle head was bent down. It snapped at me, but I dove to the side and dodged it. It tried to bite me once more, but I reached up and slashed across the face with the piece of glass. It yelped, and I realized I had cut across its eye. The other two heads began barking at me, and came at me. But I fought back, waving and stabbing with the glass.

I ran around to the front of its forearm, and slashed a large gash in its chest. A waterfall of blood oozed from the wound, and the monster gave a great howl before collapsing onto the ground. It whined in pain a few times before falling silent and still.

In the last few moments the creature stared up at me with a different look in its eyes.




It’s eyes closed.

I dropped the glass, blinked, and when I opened my eyes I was back in the chair.

Bayline Chapter 2

My mother and I took a bus to City Central, the building where most of the government’s business takes place. On the lower floors is where they hold Chosen testing.

I wasnt alone on the bus there, there were other kids going for spring season testing. Since spring was last season, it is now summer and we must all get our Chosens tested because we are all 16. I am one of the younger of the group because I was born May 11th.

I sat next to a boy who looked my age, with dark blond hair and light blue eyes. He wore glasses, and looked like he came from Areos.

“Going to Chosen testing too?” I asked

“Yea. You?” He replied

“Yes.” I said “My name’s Crystal Serold. Home sector; Scalein, and I’m hoping that won’t change.” I added

“Nathan Parker.” He said

We sat in silence for the next 10 minutes or so, most likely because Nathan was too intrigued in a book to carry on a conversation.

As the bus drove, I spotted some familiar landmarks. A small, broken down market with a sign that said “Be Back Soon!” even though it had been there for at least 3 years, a large white, richly decorated house with fields stretching farther than I could see behind it, our district’s school.

Then, after a few stops, a girl with blond hair and bright green eyes stepped in the bus with a smile on her face. It was clear from the neon blue and hot pink streaks in her hair that she was a Marine.

“Hiya! My name’s Mara!” She said, sitting next to me. Marine’s always managed to be happy and cheery

“Um, hi. I’m Crystal-”

“Crystal? Like the gems? Thats a pretty name! My name doesn’t really mean anything. It just means Mara…”

Mara continued to talk for the remainder of the ride, Nathan occasionally glancing up from his book in annoyance.

The bus ride was long, considering we had to go through the entire island to pick up every kid from the spring season.

Each sector has a portion of the island. Areos owns the northern

When we finally reached City Central, almost every kid on the bus got off. I was the only person who had come with my parent.

My mother and I got off the bus and stood for a few moments in front of the towering building. It wasn’t the only giant structure around, this was the center of the island after all, but it was by far the tallest.

It was strange having to look up at something to see all of it. When I was in Scalein territory, there was only flat land, small houses, and few, short trees. You only had to look forward possibly down, and maybe left or right to see the whole of something, but almost never up. I had just stepped foot in the city and his place already felt strange.

“Well, I guess you have to go now.” My mom said, her eyes getting watery. I turned towards her and gave her the longest, warmest hug I’ve ever given anyone. Her tears fell on my shoulder, and I pulled away.

“I’m gonna miss you so much.” She said, her voice wavering.

“I’m gonna miss you more.” I say.


I followed the hoard of other teenagers into the building. We lined up behind counters marked with our home sectors. I recognized a few kids from back home. Chris, or as we called him, Reck, was of course the first in front. He said his full name and birthday, then the lady at the counter gave him directions down the hall, and he raced down the hall with a grin on his face, eager to get his results. I didn’t exactly feel the same way.

Thankfully I wasnt that close to the front, though there were still quite a few people behind me.

I saw Mara at the front of the Marine line. Where else would I expect her?

Nathan was near the front of the Areos line. He read his book while he waited, shutting out everything around him. How could he do that? Just escape into book world in the middle of something so important?

Finally it was his turn to go

“Sir.” The person at the desk said. Nathan hadn’t even noticed he was at the front of the line. He looked up at the man, surprised.

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to need to confiscate that.” The man said.

“But-” Nathan stutterd. He didnt even try to move the book away as the man reached over the desk and snatched it.


“Nathan Parker.”


Nathan walked off with both anger and disappointment in his expression.

“Hurry along please!” The man shouted after him.

I was surprised at the number of people in the Scalein line, after all, our school was small and there weren’t that many towns or people in them.

The line shrunk quickly and I didn’t have wait long before I was in the front of the line.

I stepped forward.

“Name, hun?” The woman at the desk asked.

“Crystal Serold” I replied

“B-27, hun. Hurry down, hun.”

I picked up into a jog and searched for B-27. It was somewhere near the very back. I opened the door tentatively and walked in.

There was a lady in the back fiddling with gadgets on a table opening drawers and loading syringes with liquids. She turned when she heard the door close, and gave me a short but warming smile.

“You must be Crystal!” She said I just nodded. I was standing in the doorway and already nervous about this.

“Why don’t you come and sit down?” She asked. “I’m Abigale, and I’ll be conducting your Chosen test today.”

I walked over to the chair in the middle of the room. It was reclined quite a bit, and still warm from the last person who had sat there. The room itself was small, and all the walls where painted a light blue-gray. There was a window near where Abigale stood.

Then I stared at the inside of my left wrist. This would be the last time I would ever see it bare.

Abigale walked over handed me a cup of what looked like lime-tinted water. “Drink.” She instructed simply, taking one of the needles and injecting my arm. I looked away and swallowed the liquid in one gulp. It tasted oddly sweet, but the texture was strange, almost as if it had some kind of pulp in it. She then placed a thick, black fabric on the inside of my wrist.

Another needle, this time in the side of my neck, and the world spun into a blur. The blur faded to black, and I was lost in the dark.


Sorry to keep you all waiting T-T
Up until last week, I was super busy with school.
Now that school’s out, it should be smooth SAILING from here.
I’ll post an update every Tuesday from here out. I will notify you ahead of time if I cant, but I’m fairly sure Ill be ably to at least Queue it.
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