Bayline Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I could feel that I wasn’t in the chair anymore, and that the ground beneath me was cold and hard.

“Here, grab my hand.” Someone said. It sounded like another girl. I reached up even though I couldn’t see, and the hand found me. The moment her skin touched mine, I was blinded by a bright light. After my eyes adjusted I looked around. I was in a Scalein farm field.

“Thank yo-“ My thanks was cut short as I looked back at the girl and realized it was me. The girl was me.

So that was what they meant when they said the test shows you who you really are. The girl- or, I,- was still smiling, as if I was pleased to see that I had helped someone.

“Come on!” She said, motioning me to follow her through a patch of knee-high grass. I got up and she started running, so I followed her without question. I chased myself through the field to the edge of a forest, and then, the girl disappeared, seemingly into thin air. The forest grew dark, and the green leaves on the trees turned brown and crimson as the ground beneath me turned to hard, dried mud.

Suddenly, a flock of crows flew through the trees, and I had to duck to avoid getting hit. Their hundreds of caws and squawks were followed by a loud roar from the direction they had come from, and then the ground shook. The forest fell silent, but the silence was broken by the crackling of snapping trees, being pushed over by some unseen creature. The snaps kept getting closer, and I readied myself for whatever was coming. I noticed something shiny on the ground, and bent down to quickly pick it up. It was a large, sharp shard of glass.

I looked back up, and noticed the creature was right in front of me, drool dripping from its fang. It was canine like in the fact that it had paws and stood on four legs, but the top side of its tail, its slopped back and the front of its legs were covered in scales, and it also had three canine heads. It was reddish–brown and its eyes glowed like magma. It was about three times taller than the trees around me.

Two of the creature’s heads growled, and the middle head was bent down. It snapped at me, but I dove to the side and dodged it. It tried to bite me once more, but I reached up and slashed across the face with the piece of glass. It yelped, and I realized I had cut across its eye. The other two heads began barking at me, and came at me. But I fought back, waving and stabbing with the glass.

I ran around to the front of its forearm, and slashed a large gash in its chest. A waterfall of blood oozed from the wound, and the monster gave a great howl before collapsing onto the ground. It whined in pain a few times before falling silent and still.

In the last few moments the creature stared up at me with a different look in its eyes.




It’s eyes closed.

I dropped the glass, blinked, and when I opened my eyes I was back in the chair.


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