Bayline Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I suddenly realized I was sweating, panting, and gripping the metal chair with all the strength in my hands.

“Here, drink this.” Abigale’s freckled face greeted me as I wiped my forehead. “Don’t worry, its just water.” She continued, handing me a plastic cup. I drank it all in one gulp, but my throat was still dry. My breathing began to slow back to a normal pace.

“The test has been known to have that effect on certain people.” She said. She rearranged some items on the table. From the way she spoke and acted, I guessed she came from Marine, however she dressed like a Mamlin.

“Soo…” She said walking back over to me, “Let’s take a look!”

I didn’t know what to expect under the fabric patch, I hadn’t seen any animal (besides the crows and the scaley-dog creature) in the test. I had also displayed both brave and generous behaviors during the test. I guess it’d be a surprise.

And it was. Nothing could have prepared me for the confusion and shock of when Abigale lifted the patch off my wrist, to reveal and ink stain of the scaley dog creature on my skin. In the image, the creature was lying down, and sat almost peacefully. However, one of its heads was raised and looked behind it, with its mouth open in a snarl.

Oh no…” Abigale whispered.

“What, what is it?” I asked. Abigale was up and shoving her way through the pile on the table. Aigale was mumbling to herself worriedly.

“I don’t understand, what sector do I go to?” I continued asking. So many questions came in and out of my head.

“Whatever sector it is, it can’t be your home sector.” Abigale said. “They’ll find you if you go back.” Abigale seemed to be speaking some other language. Find me for what? Did i do something wrong? Did I fail the test?

Failing was possible, though few did. Some people had taken the test only to find that they didn’t fit any of the sectors, and simply had no valued attributes. They usually ended up serving in lower jobs if they were lucky, but most lived on the streets, struggling to survive.

“Oh no, you did anything but fail. You passed with flying colors!” Abigale said this with a smile on her face, “But, that means they’ll be after you. So we have to cover it.”

There she goes again. Who was going to catch me? If I passed “with flying colors” should I be able to go back to my home faction?

Abigale took a small jar of clear liquid and used a brush to dab it over my chosen.

“Wait what’s that fo- ow!” The liquid began to burn my skin, and two of the heads on my chosen disappeared, along with the scales.

Abigale opened the door to the next room, where I would join up with my new sector.

“Go to Mamlin.” She said. I almost couldn’t hear her over the chatter in the other room.

“But-” none of my questions had been answered.

Resentfully, I walked into the next room. It was much larger, and I felt like I had to swim my way through a sea of people to reach the tunnel under the Mamlin sign.

A new feeling in my chest, a mix of excitement, anxiousness, and confusion, told me that nothing would be the same in my life again.


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