Update on Bayline…

Oh my my, Bayline… such a touchy topic. I don’t want any spoilers slipping out, but at the same time, that’s hard to do when there stuff that needs explaining.

So, updates:

1. I won’t be able to post Chapter 5 probably until next week…

It’s not that I don’t have the entire chapter written, it’s just that I have also been posting Bayline on my deviantArt, and Bayline has a strict schedule of being posted exactly at 4:00 pm every Tuesday. Since I will be in camp 9:00 – 4:00 everyday all week, I won’t be able to do this.

“But Kitty/Spot, you can just use the scheduled posting setting!”- 
I could on WordPress, but it requires a paid membership on deviantArt, which I do not have.
However, it is possible to give another deviant (such as me) a free paid membership, and that would be greatly appreciated, if you ever have any spare cash. 😉


2. We are about to meet a new character that doesn’t entirely belong to me…

In fact, he doesn’t belong to me at all! XD I have simply altered his backstory to fit into the story. (There was a hint to his true owner in that sentence)
But, since he doesn’t belong to me, we run into the problem of how I’m going to give credit.
You see, the character appears first wearing a fake identity. His true identity isn’t revealed until sometime in chapter 18-20
So the choice I face is, should I;

A. Halt Bayline and write up until his true identity is revealed, then release all the chapters and give proper credit?
B. Say “[Character] doesn’t entirely belong to me.” Until his true identity is revealed, where I will give proper credit?
C. Change the plot and character and ultimately start from scratch? (This would pretty much ruin my purpose for even writing Bayline)

The question is there for you too answer! ~Kitty/Spot


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