Bayline Deleted Scene (Writen 3/14/15)

Now, you may be wondering;

“Kitty, why post this 2 months after it was written?”
Well, the awnser is because hopefully by now, I’ve made some progress with Bayline and had at least a few of the chapters published.

“Kitty, why did you delete this from the original book?”
Answer to that is: If you’ve read Bayline, you’ll notice that there are no perspective swaps, and the story remains in Crystals first person point of view the whole time. This scene, however, takes place in Red’s point of view, and switching perspectives for just a single paragraph in the whole book would be quite odd

Now, lets begin

* Franks 1st person P.O.V.

I open my eyes. I lay where I fell before, but the battle around me has slowed, almost stopped, I raise myself up onto my elbows and look around. Something feels different, Like I’m not the same person.

I notice that on a boulder a few feet in front of me, sits my mother. For a few moments, I just sit there with my mouth hanging open in shock, the slow battle in the background dancing behind me.

“Mom?” I finally manage to choke out, barely loud enough for her to hear.

There is a moment of silence. She wears the same clothes as that day, her blond hair pulled back in the same sloppy braid.

“Hello.” she finally answers. Her voice is calming, but strong exactly how I recall it through my burning memories. I blink.

“Does this mean… I’m…” I can’t even find the word. Do I truly want to know the answer?

“It depends. Almost, for now.” she says. Her back is facing me, like she refuses to look at me. Why?

“Then why are you here?” I ask. So many questions linger in my head, sided with a small panic.

“To see what you choose. I am just an observer, and should not have an impact on your decision.” she answers. “You have two choices; You can get up, come with me, and leave this wretched Earth behind-” her tone was harsh, most likely from the memories she carried from her past life. “or,” her voice softened “you can stay behind with your friends, and fight for what you believe in.”

There was a pause, and then she turned to look back at me, her blue eyes meeting mine; something that hadn’t happened in almost 10 years.

“I won’t be disappointed in you, Frank. You’ve fought hard.” she added after a few moments.

I thought; my scars, my missing eye, my painful memories- she was right, I had fought hard…

But not hard enough.

She turned back away, and I felt like she had seen my choice. I lay back down and took a deep breath before closing my eyes. Before I opened them again, and the battle around me resumed, I thought I heard her voice one last time.

                                   “I will always love you, Frank. Be brave.”


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