Its a revolution

Once agian a quote from my favorite song, radioactive. ANYWAY it seems that since I edited Ze God Of Big Butts posts everyone else has been inspired t o do so on there blog. I HAVE STARTED A REVOLUTION! I think he’s learned that, WHEN YOU MESS WITH SPOTTEDCLOUD, YOU GONNA GETBURNED!!!!!!


15 thoughts on “Its a revolution

  1. Wow, I am an isnperation! Ashbuscus did the percentiges on ber blog too! Maggieblue, im gonna need some help getti g my blog as awesome as yours but SOMEDAY! IT WILL GET THERE!

  2. and I love radioactive it’s one of my favorite I also like we are young gangnam style and gentleman.

  3. Ze God of evil! I want the password to the one post called dragonmaster on your blog. Now or I’ll demolish his castle in the underworld.

  4. So, when I was ya’lls age, I kept on complaining that I had no butt. While everyone was walking round with these gigantic, perfect butts, I just sat there with nothing. Then one day I saw a mystical blue dandelion. I said “Dandelion, can you please give me a butt? I mean I have an actual butt, but I want a really, super big gigantic butt that NO ONE cannot notice. Everyone will stare at my butt and go “OMAGOD YOUR BUTT IS HUGE!” and if you give me the butt of my dreams I promise I will not do anything to repay you.”. Then I blew on the mystical blue dandelion and suddenly fell asleep for some reason. And then…. when I woke up… BAM! I HAD THE BIGGEST BUTT I HAD EVER SEEN! And that is the story of my butt.

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