Let Thou Roleplay Comence!

Your most likely coming from scratch. If so, I’ll let you know its OK to curse here. Kezlie does it all the time. I’ll link the ref’s up once there all done, but for now, I’ll have mini descriptions below:



Classification: Positive Fairy/Sea snake/cat
Age: 3,845 Earth years
Description: Has red hair that’s always pulled back in a ponytail. Her wings are a translucent lime-green that match her tee-shirt. She has a blue skit and always wears black tap shoes with white socks. Her eyes are greenish yellow. She has fangs [with a venomous bite], and her feet are actually sea snake fins. She has a gray cat tail along with matching ears [they’re tabby, like Graystripe’s B) ]. She speaks in a[n annoying] high pitch voice.


Classification: Negative Human/Mule/[ender] Dragon
Age: 3,917 Earth years


Isaac Brackstol

Gender: Male (no derp)
Age: 16
Spirit Animal: Horse
Amulet Color: Light blue, like his eyes
Power: Ice, baby
S.O.: Bisexual
Important Information: was born blind and sometimes clicks his tongue so he can “hear” his surroundings.
Personality/ Likes and Dislikes: Very generous and kind, gets angered easily, really hates his half-morph, smart and quick thinking. His best friend Is Jaeh who he usually has friendly competitions with
(Living) Family: Kenieth Brackstol [evil cousin plz kill]

Huedon Howards

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Spirit animal: Lion
Amulet Color: Green-Yellowish
Power: Flora [fail]
Important Information: Has an adopted daughter named Kezlie, who is really bratty. He lives in a small house in Maryland.
Personality/Likes and Dislikes: Shy, clumsy, scared of a lot of things, vary not brave at all. He’s clever and caring though, and would probably die to save Kezlie
(Living) Family: Kezlie, an uncle who he hasn’t seen in years, his mother [Annie]is in an insane asylum

(More coming soon)


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