New Schedule

Ha, ha, ha, haven’t had a “Schedule” since 2013 lmao XD

Well, at the same time, this isn’t exactly a “schedule” as much as it is part of one. Getting to the point:

I’ll be halting my internet activity every Tuesday so I can write Bayline.

I hate to do it, but I am beyond far behind on it. If I want to get the first book done by the end of May (which is my goal), I seriously need to kick it up a notch. More like 3 notches.

Anyway, since my school year is ending at the end of May, this will probably only last until Bayline is done.


If you see me online any Tuesday, doing anything, tell me to get my ass back in my Bayline draft

And please don’t give a shit about being polite.


Status: Unstoppable

A weird thing happened today: My fears and anxieties disappeared without a trace.

It started this afternoon, at lunch, we went to a new (AS IN, NEVER BEEN THERE, DONT KNOW THE MENUE; NEW ) restaurant, and I didn’t notice until after I had ordered that 1) I didn’t recite the order in my head like I normally do a and 2) When I ordered, I didn’t feel like I was going to get scolded for saying something wrong [that’s what social anxiety feels like, if you haven’t experienced it].

Then, I went to riding. It was cold, but not freezing. Though I struggled to get Ralph (He was being a real son of a bitch, I haven’t seen him that bad since I first arrived at the farm 2 years ago. He was trying to kick me and put up fights with other horses and everything), he seriously made up for it in the ring. He picked up the trot when I asked, didn’t yank on the rigns, and struck off in the canter right when I asked (AND ON THE CORRECT LEAD!!! BOTH TIMES!!!!!).

Then, a bunch of people enterd the ring, and I kept cantering. I hardly noticed! usually I’de freak out with 3 or 4 other people. Today: 7 PEOPLE IN THE RING (2 of which who weren’t in the lesson) AND I WAS CANTERING PERFECTLY FINE.


Kitchi brought us out to jump some. And. I. Didn’t. Freak. Out. On. The. Jumps.

For. The. First. Time. Ever.

I. Pulled. Off. 5. Jumps. In. A. Row. Perfectly.

Kitchi said I had gone from a 6 to a 10 in my riding skills that day. But really, I had just gone from 6 to fearless 🙂

Also, I got home just a few minutes ago to find out Moss just posted the Mastermind Trail. This day is truly blessed.

Giving Up on Shelby

No no no, I don’t mean putting her down, I mean surrendering her back to the SPCA.

Its a logical choice though, considering its been (lets see…. November, December, January, Feburary…) at least 4 1/2 months and Shelby STILL has to keep a minimum distance of 5 feet away from me(lets keep in mind that she was in the woods for most of December and January). And Syd? Pfft, she wont even tolerate being in the same room as Sydney! Its not even truly impacting me, it only reall bothers me when shes pacing on circles around me when im eating, but its really putting a strain on Mom. I mean, she lovesher dogs, and she can hardly sleep knowing one of them is stuck outside in the mud and cold. And when she’s no outside, she’s inside barking and howling(she’s part hound, after all) and scratching at her cage.

Maybe if we had a month or two more that I could spend with her, she’d be a “normal” dog, but at this point, all that really matters is mom (I try to help with Shelby whenever I can, but there’s not much I can do considering I make her run away.) because she’s the one who takes the most care of her. And Mom has decided that on Sunday morning, we’ll go back to the SPCA and drop off Shelby.

Two Hours

Two hours.

That livestream was up for t w o h o u r s and not a single fucking soul came.

I had that link on 7 different websites and my Skype what the fuccckkkk

Does anyone know that song…

I heard this one song on the radio that I liked but I couldent understand what the woman was singing. All I remember was this one man in the background either speaking backwards or talking complete jiberish.

Anyone know that song? ._.

Google Malfuctioned

Google malfunctioned and told me to
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I hope you enjoyed this.
Brought to you by Google fuck-up